About me

With a successful 25 year career in the corporate world behind me I am no stranger to the stresses and strains that our modern day lives can heap upon us.

From graduation with an Honours Degree in Business Studies in 1993 I went on to work in the marketing departments of many large and well known companies, gaining a professional diploma or two along the way, and finally heading up the marketing team of a global software business for the last few years of my corporate career.  The interaction with my team was always the best part of my job, and the joy of coaching, mentoring and then watching my young charges grow, develop and reach their full potential was my greatest reward.

In 2015 I left big business behind and went freelance as a marketing consultant, until deciding in 2017 to follow my instinct into a more rewarding, people-focused profession, and retraining in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

Having relied on Solution Focused techniques myself in the past I have firsthand experience of the power of this type of therapy where other treatments may have failed.  No therapist can ever walk in  the shoes of their client (and neither should they try), but equally my own experience means that I do have personal insight and understanding of the challenges that our amazing, complex and sometimes tricky brains can present us with.  I also know how wonderful it is to start to feel better.

I now live on the edge of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales with my husband, young son, 3 large dogs and 19 (and counting) miniature sheep!  In my spare time I enjoy baking, walking, sewing and working as a volunteer Community First Responder with Yorkshire Ambulance.  I love everything about this wonderful part of the world we are lucky enough to live in and feel privileged to be able to use my Solution Focused Hypnotherapy skills to help others to find the best in life.

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