Appointments are usually conducted face to face in a therapy room setting, however successful hypnotherapy treatment can also be delivered using a video-link, so if distance or mobility makes attending a physical appointment difficult there is an alternative.  Under the current social distancing restrictions on-line appointment are often preferred.  

In some limited instances it may be possible to offer a home visit, however an additional charge for travelling time and expenses may apply.  Please contact me to discuss this if required.   

Please call or email for availability.

Session Type Description Duration  Cost
Initial Consultation This no-obligation session allows for discussion of objectives, explanation of solution focused hypnotherapy and time for any questions.  45 mins £30
Hypnotherapy Treatment Treatment sessions tailored to the needs of the individual.  55 mins £60 per session
Hypnotherapy Treatment – block of 4 sessions. 4 x treatment sessions to be booked as required.

55 mins per session


£215 for the block of 4
Hypnotherapy Treatment – block of 8 sessions. 8 x treatment sessions to be booked as required.

55 mins per session


SPECIAL OFFER £410 for the block of 8

Guided Relaxation

Simply an opportunity for some mental downtime using a natural trance state to achieve deep relaxation.  There is no therapy element to this, however sessions can be tailored to meet individual aims – for example improved confidence, mental clarity, boundary setting, goal achievement etc. 



Weight Management (Group)

Suitable for a group of up to 5 with no requirements other than weight management.  Taking part as a group can assist with motivation & support beyond the sessions. 

This course of therapy is delivered to the group in 2 extended sessions approximately 2 weeks apart, plus a further follow-up  which can be taken as a group face-to-face or by individuals on the phone. 

1 hour 30 mins each session

Plus  follow-up

£250 per course
Stop Smoking A one-stop session to stop smoking. 2 hours £120

Payment for online appointments and initial consultations is in advance via electronic invoice which will allow either payment by card or bank transfer.  Payment for face to face appointments is on the day by cash, card or bank transfer.

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