Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a type of talking therapy which combines psychotherapy with hypnosis.

A typical hypnotherapy session is structured firstly to help you positively define the changes you are seeking in your life.  We also take time to understand how the brain is actually working, directly relating this to the particular issues you wish to address.

We follow this with hypnosis, some time spent in a state of deep relaxation which helps to consolidate this focus and understanding.

“Focus On The Solution Not The Problem”

The type of hypnotherapy I practice is known as Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.  This is a particular specialism which, instead of looking back at all that has “gone wrong” in your life, encourages you to focus on what you want for your future.

The major advantage of this approach is the speed with which significant improvements can often be achieved.  By switching your focus to a positive view of your own desired future, your subconscious can become a powerful ally in helping you to achieve this.

It may also be reassuring to know that you will not be asked to revisit old problems or relive past trauma.  There is no need to get to the “root of the problem” – in reality we sometimes simply don’t know where it all began or the reason why we feel as we do.

“What we focus on we amplify.  By focusing on what is wrong we very quickly forget everything that is right in our lives.  Fortunately the reverse is also true”.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy removes that pressure and offers a gentle and positive way to take control and move forward with your life.

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is one element of your hypnotherapy session and, put simply, is just a state of focused attention.

It is similar in many ways to daydreaming, or to being so engrossed in a task that time flies by without you even noticing.

The main difference between daydreaming and hypnosis is that, with hypnosis, I as your hypnotherapist will guide you into this focused state in a more purposeful way.  We use the time while you are there to reinforce the positive direction and thought patterns that you have identified during your therapy session.

Most people fine this a very pleasant and relaxing experience.

How you experience hypnosis depends on you.  You may find that you relax into a deep trance and that time loses meaning, or you may feel that you are completely awake and aware throughout – this really doesn’t matter, and good results can still be achieved either way.  Even if you believe that you “can’t” be hypnotised you can still benefit enormously from this process.

It is important to note that, contrary to the image portrayed in the media, hypnosis does not mean any loss of control.  It is not possible for anyone to put in place suggestions or triggers without your knowledge.  You remain in control throughout, and you can return to full waking awareness at any point should you feel that you want to or need to.

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