Changing Relationships

I’ve been reflecting lately on just how often “relationships” are at the heart of the reason that many of my clients seek help.  This was true even before the national lockdown, and if the media is to be believed we can expect an upwards trend as the pressure of enforced isolation takes its toll.

Typically in a dysfunctional relationship we think of a victim and a perpetrator.

Certainly the effect on the recipient of abusive behaviour (whether physical or psychological) should not be underestimated or trivialised in any way.  It is very often the victim I am approached by to seek help with overcoming feelings of fear, anger, guilt, loss of confidence and self esteem, or even in extreme cases a form of PTSD.  All of this, I am happy to say, can often be effectively addressed using solution focused techniques to move forwards positively – correctly “filing away” memories of the past so that they no longer intrude on the present.

It would, however,  be wrong to label everyone on the other side of this relationship equation as “evil”.  I am often contacted by people (both male and female) who recognise the damage they are doing to their relationships through anger or other negative behaviours.  The question is always whether the type of therapy I offer can help them to change.  The answer is usually yes, almost certainly, if the intention to change is a genuine one.    The same solution focused techniques can be used to help with learning different behaviours and responses as well as reducing and managing anger in a more positive way.

Whether clients are seeking to mend a current relationship, find the courage to break with something unacceptable or are trying to manage the fallout of past relationship breakdown, hypnotherapy can give both parties the best chance to move forwards for a positive future.